Rot Repair

Any and all areas of rot must be cut out, no exceptions. The rot can start with dry rot unnoticed during construction or from large checks (cracks) that face upward, or poor corner construction especially on high weather exposure walls.

Once rot starts to take hold and left unchecked it can spread drastically over a cold winter. The soft areas of rot will hold moisture and when the temperature drops, will fracture more good wood and keep spreading.

For the most part, the rot only goes 1/2 way into the log before it is noticed, and can be repaired by cutting out all the rot right into the good wood. Then new logs are custom chosen for length, diameter and taper to place a perfectly fit patch. The new logs are attached to the remaining solid wood then capped with dowel to look like a knot. Then the seams are chinked to stop any further water from getting to the joints and corners.




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